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10 Years Evolution Record

Date : 2015.12.27
Category : 個人企画
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I found the oldest drawing work in the external HDD I have now – it was drawn in 2006 – then it is perhaps the time to make the “10 Years Evolution Record”!



had drawn in complete analogue methods – with colour pencils, COPIC markers and manga-drawing sets. and sometimes scanned works and edit a bit with MS paint.

in those days, I had never expected that I become to think I want to work with game (& game art), and never imagined that I become to draw such works in real in the future. that’s true.

2007 – 2008
had continued to draw in analogue methods and enhanced the digital processing a bit. right about that time I knew about pen-tablet, and bought it, but I did not like it and just left it beside.

had started to use Adobe Illustrator. I remember I had hard time to handle vector lines. still I had used mouse only.

(the illustration seems to be drawn with Illustrator only at the time)

late this year, I registered in a creators’ SNS for the first time, and knew the world of Japanese creative culture via internet. There I noticed many people have been drawing with pen-tablet in full-digital method, and started to get used to them. at early time, I drew line-art in analogue method, took photo of it (I was in Switzerland as an exchange and had no scanner), process with Illustrator, and coloured it with SAI. I remember that I was so impressed in the “add” layer effect in SAI (that’s awesome, really cool to add flashy expression!!), and had hard time to get used to watercolour brushes (it mixed up the colours against my will!!).

(the illustration seems to be my first scenery drawing in full-digital method, with SAI)

gradually I had been getting used to digital drawing and had tried to do something fun/interesting. in those days I had used Photoshop elements as well and found that there were so many awesome cool brushes.

also around the time I started creating & releasing texture freebies.

still used SAI and had been drawing mini characters in thicker lines.

in this year I have started to have interest in game art because of the projects at uni. (at last)
and gradually I had shifted the main software from SAI to Clip Studio Paint (Manga Studio).

still drawing, even if my drawings have not garnered immense praise or attention

still drawing since I cannot help but love it