DICE Project
daily works etc.

60 min drawings in May

Date : 2015.06.01
Category : 個人企画

2015 May

02 keyword: red eyes
06 keyword: flower, monster
09 keyword: mourning dress
11 homonym:【kou】鋼/荒/乞
15 themes: emerald demon, knight the forest protector
16 themes: the master of the castle of ice, the beast in the snowfield
21 keywords: crying emotion, chameleon, “‘ve pretended to be happy”
22 keyword: one wing
23 keyword: bonnet
24 keywords: Japanese traditional umbrella, Taiyaki (Japanese fish-shaped pancake)
25 keywords: warrior with wings, flapping battle flag
29 keywords: a monster with bright eyes, a thief walking in the dark
30 keyword: aquarium
31 keywords: mishearing, a keepsake