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2014 Illustrations digest

Date : 2014.12.21
Category : 個人企画
Tags : / digest

Hello, long time no see…
Now is the time to compose the digest collage of my illustration works in this year.

■ January
Poured much of power into the New Year illustration (this year is horse). and started having some small creative jobs

■ February
New uni semester started, and I joined in a game production team – my position was a concept artist and drew some scenes and odd characters.

■ March
working working in the team – but I never forget about the day of Miku!!
(March 9th is the day of Hatsune Miku (unofficial, just set by fans))

■ April
Tried some mat-paint. I especially like aliens with human features.

■ May
■ June
Finalizing uni things – artworks, papers, presentations etc.

■ July
had the winter vacation. this month I especially drew fanart of some Japanese games

■ August
Starting graduate study and creation.
from this month I started to refine my own project – “Micro Conqueror”, my original scifi fantasy world & story.

■ September
Continued graduate study and the project. sometimes I tried to colour in anime style.

■ October
hardwork for graduate things.
this month I drew some scenery concept art for my project.

■ November
at last I finished graduate study (work & paper)!
it had been long time since I grasped tablet-pen in the last time.

■ December
rejoiced on graduation, worrying about the future pathway.

… and made some stamps of my illustrations with an app from Japanese Post.

……well…what will happen to me in the new year, what should I do, …………