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2012 digest

Date : 2012.12.16
Category : 個人企画
Tags : / digest

2012 digest


さて 世間は至って年賀状モードですが、そんなのはお構いなしにまったりしているナマモノ。

来年もまた描き続けたいと思います… 今度は「好きに描く」に加え「伝える」を目標にしたい

Hello! It is incredibly hot here, how are your locations?
And just I had finished the term and now I’m in the summer holiday. I have not to lose my language skill in the vacation..

now most of people may be busy to prepare for Christmas & new year card, but actually it is not my case. well what should I do, well I’ll make “2012 digest of my illustration works”. As you know I have no uniformity in my works, so I cannot join in the pixiv event “2012 evolution”. …fmm, I did such works.. well what will I draw in the next year!

I’d love to have an aim in the next.. draw as i like + “communicate”.