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Date : 2013.08.25
Category : 一次創作
Tags : 音楽 / / 創作設定

“smalltown. is everywhere.
  ― スモールタウンは、どこにでも。”

♪ SmallTown

[ SmallTown | 3:50 | bpm: 120 | techno electronica minimal ]


Hello, today I would like to introduce my new electronic (a little bit tiptune-like?) tune.


無残に砕け散った古いテレビたち (安全のために一応ラップでぐるぐる巻きにしてあった)。その中に見つけたもの。それは冷静に考えたらただの基板 (いろいろ乗った緑のアレ)。ぼくはそこに「小さな街」を見た。ヒューズ等は高層ビル、うねるフラットコードは未来の空中回廊。地面にはSF映画のような、光る線が緻密に敷かれている。

BPM=120 (2拍で1秒)。良い個人的作業BGMでもあります。お楽しみいただけたら幸いです。


In fact, I was inspired by a certain performance. When I was an exchange student at Swiss art university, we had an exhibition in the end of semester. In this event, a classmate showed the unique performance – to throwgh & destroy old-fashion TVs from through the window on 2nd floor!

How pity were TVs (of course they were wrapped tightly with vinyl tape for safety)… Then I found something – it was actually only green plates (with many parts & components). But I saw a “small town” there – fuses, condensers etc were high buildings, twisting flat-cords were future sky highways. On the ground there were many shining gold wiring like Sci-Fi world in movies.
It was in 2010 when I studied in Switzerland, so I have kept it for a long.. Recently I mixed with Mixcraft, added my voice effects, drew the image/concept illustration and completed.

BPM = 120. One of my favorite working BGM. I hope you also enjoy it.