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Chord_12 music & image

Date : 2013.06.21
Category : 一次創作
♪ Chord_12

[ Chord_12 ~ Celestial Channels | 1:36 | bpm: 128 | bright space melodious ]




(Route02: Celestial Channel.)

“When, who constructed such a sanctuary – it was the Advent Gate opened to the sky. We have been unfortified this much before we know it.”

(Route02: Celestial Channel.)


The main theme of this tune is Space, and the fluctuation of emotions, brought by the extraordinal existence. Concept details:
the 1st half: Alien, Stranger. Unknown. Another world. Hyper-Civilization.
the 2nd half: Curiosity, Expectation, Admiration under Fear, Tension, Pessimism.

Technical aspects: This time I divided this one music into 4 files to make its volume up more (Unfortunately my note PC is no enough powerful to cover these all contents at the same time).

Chord_12: main parts.
Chord_12_part:chorus & bass+
Chord_12_pad:pads & other sound materials.
Chord_12_last:the 2nd half melody to enhance the echo.

Recently I visited sound faculty and was surprised its high technology and quality.. I wish I could use such great instruments & equipments! But that is true this visitation made me exciting enough 😀