DICE Project
daily works etc.

60 min drawings in June (the 1st half)

Date : 2015.06.17
Category : 個人企画

01 keyword: battlefield
02 keyword: an eccentric
04 keyword: komorebi (sunlight filtering through trees)
05 keyword: a tamer of savage beast
06 keywords: scissors, 忌み子
08 keyword: – (trekking)
08 keyword: firefly
09 theme: “that is the deadly disease”
09 keyword: straitjacket
10 keyword: – (architecture in the space) rule: no layer effects
11 keyword: – (altar) rule: no layer effects
12 keyword: opposite (personality)
14 theme: “beside dead you”

I’ve thought I prefer to and draw red (~ orange) illustrations very often, but recently there are some blue ones… fm.