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60 min drawings in April

Date : 2015.05.01
Category : 個人企画

2015 Apr

On Japanese Twitter there are various 60 min drawing events hold every night. from last month I have started to join in one of such event which is for original works only (= not derivative/fanart for other anime/manga etc.). Here is the omnibus of the works in April. plus my own works. they were drawn in 60 min (+15 min at longest).

06 keyword/s: Cardboard, 2.00 AM
10 keyword/s: Master & Servant, Wisteria trellis
11 keyword/s: Garbage Dump, Spider’s Web
14 keyword: Balloon
18 keyword: Double-Rainbow
21 keyword: Japanese Halberd, Pity Ghosts’ Sob
a girl in Japanese Traditional Horror style
26 keyword: “what is different from last year …”
a girl in Japanese Traditional Horror style 2