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[ballpoint-pen art] fantasy 60 min drawings

Date : 2015.06.23
Category : 一次創作

[1h drawing] Jun 20 Theme: machina Knight #art #sketch

Akiさん(@artofaki)が投稿した写真 – 2015 6月 20 7:04午前 PDT

[1h drawing] Jun 23 Theme: stone statue blows fire, blunt instrument #art #sketch

Akiさん(@artofaki)が投稿した写真 – 2015 6月 23 6:54午前 PDT

as I have mentioned, recently I have joined in a twitter small event to draw in 1h along with common themes/keywords/speeches etc. Sometimes I have joined in “fantasy ver” of such event and have drawn with digital method as usual – but noticed I should draw fantasy illustrations with my bollpoint-pen drawing skill!

the fantasy ver is held irregularly and sometimes the themes are tough, but I will try my best and draw such fantasy blue art more.