DICE Project
daily works etc.

60 min drawings in June (the 2nd half)

Date : 2015.07.01
Category : 一次創作
Tags : / 創作版60分

19 keyword: rural area
20 Theme: machina Knight
21 speech: “just licking will cure the wound”
21 keyword: a teacher
23 Theme: stone statue breathes fire, blunt instrument
23 keyword: special attack
24 keyword: glimpse of belly
24 keyword: taking shelter from the rain
25 speech: “this is my all”
21 speech: “do not be afraid”
25 keyword: Fighting mad
26 Theme: oasis keeper, walking on desert
28 keyword: a cross
29 keyword: aurora
29 keyword: under one umbrella
30 keyword: purification

60 min (+ 0 ~ 30 min) drawings in the 2nd half of June (original only).

from the next month I will reduce the actual “60 min” drawing, but will concentrate on more refined works.