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sakura night 2015

Date : 2015.09.06
Category : 一次創作
Tags : 音楽 /

♪ sakura

[ sakura night 2015 | 12:50 | bpm: 140 | instrumental japanese ] (2015)

here at last I will release the complete version of sakura night 2015, a kind of mixture of Japanese traditional taste and modern electronic trance music. It had taken so long time for me to publish – this “sakura night” is one of the special one for me so I had had dilemmas to decide the flows of phrases, the sounds, the volumes of each parts, mixing, etc. etc.

anyway now it is all done.
I hope you enjoy my best tune in this year (too early to decide :)).

for comparison – it seems that I do self-arrange of this “sakura night” every 3 year:

♪ sakura

[ sakura night 2012 | 5:16 | bpm: 140 | electronica VSTi ] (2012)

2012 trance-like version. Now I found it very unskillful, but indeed it is special and memorable one for me.

♪ sakura

[ sakura night | 3:46 | bpm: 120 | japanese MIDI ] (2009)

initial version. I thank to me in those day to compose such special music piece.