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long time no see SAI

Date : 2015.01.31
Category : 一次創作
Tags : 素材 /

I absolutely remember that SAI have made me skilled better in digital painting – it was the first software I had used when draw with computer. However recently I have worked with Clip Studio (Manga Studio) all time and it has not been opened..

today I also remembered that I have created some abstract seamless textures for this software. they above are the part of works – the left one consists of my original textures only, and the right one contains freebies from another freebie database. I noticed the unknown probabilities of SAI (and creating textures).. I should remember SAI frequently and take advantage of it more. mmm.

Some of my original textures are available there:

I have created some abstract seamless textures etc as freebies – I am happy if they are useful for your creative activities.