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[Brush Freebie / フリー素材] 3 Grunge / Texturing Brushes

Date : 2015.08.16
Category : 一次創作

these days I released new original freebies after a long time – 3 grungy brush shapes made from Australian nature. They are available in 2 formats – transparent PNG (for Photoshop, FireAlpaca etc. and just for the use as texture) and SUT (unique format for Manga Studio brushes).

I hope they are useful for your creative activities.

Download Links:

– All Released Freebies: diceproj.com/freebies

– AUbrush WaterDragon Scale
Manga Studio Brush made from the scales of Australian lizard WaterDragon. not only for scales but also for grungy expression.

– AUbrush Nature Soil
A grungy shape for texturing from soil under Australian tropical plants. For Manga Studio (SUT format), I released 2 different types of brushes with this shape – the scatter type and the texture brush type. the former is almost same as the sample in FireAlpaca in the article.

– AUbrush Nature Wood 5
A texturing shape from the trunk of an Australian tropical tree. also may suitable for a soft grungy spray effect. For Manga Studio (SUT format), the brush settings / drawing result are almost same as the sample in FireAlpaca in the article.

I found that some of my freebies are on some popular articles about graphic freebies… happy to know that, I would like to continue making & releasing freebies as much as I can.