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[Clip Paint /Manga Studio] 体験 trial

Date : 2013.06.22
Category : 一次創作
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休みに入ったので、早速 Clip Studio Paint の体験版を試用してみました (海外版:Manga Studio / 情報有難うございます) のお話です。

Good evening. Recently I downloaded a new painting software Clip Studio Paint trial ver. (for overseas:Manga Studio).







どうやら基準線にスナップさせる機能があるようで(ハッ イラストレータでも定規使いこなせていない爆



Here I’ll note the first opinions about my favourite or unfamiliar tools/functions. Originally I am a heavy user of SAI, but it is good stimulation to try another painting software. I found that the tools in Clip Studio Paint (Manga Studio) have several of presets and parameters to adjust, so it must be exciting to explore & find the favourite ones.

* G-pen tool:
it reflects the slight difference of brushstroke pressure very well! And the beginning & end of the lines are much sharper than SAI.

* grazed brush tool:
I regret to have much better version of
my original brush pen in SAI! X(
but of course, it is my big favourite, and it is great fun to draw with this tool. The brushstroke parameters of this tool are varied including pressure, speed, inclination, so we can enjoy more real expression.

* milipen tool:
I was surprised because this tool was also real.. Especially the expression of the inc spot at the beginning of the lines. This tool is my most frequent one to draw small notes.

* oil-paint / watercolour / blur tool:
I am still confused because they have different feature from the watercolour tool in SAI! Maybe if I adjust the parameters I can be more familiar with them.. Anyway, I felt I am lack of the experiences of colouring with digital method 🙁
* screen tones!:
Wow, I can draw more real manga! However I’m still not sure how to insert? put? attach? the tones.. At first I had used tones in pen tools, and had a trouble that if I scratched the same point twice or more, the tone at this point became dark. I heard that I should use “choose area” function.

* Scale tools!:
They sound very convenient to draw correct perspective. Still I’ve not tried well.. even the scale function in Illustrator I have not been familiar yet :/

* a little inconvenient “choose area”:
I felt it more complicated a little bit than SAI. Maybe I should set the shortcut key for this function. However in this software it seems to be impossible to change the shape “freely” (only magnify/reduce, keeping the proportion of vertical & horizontal size). mm, I wish it had such a flexible function.

…Well, that’s all this time as first impression. I’ll continue to try to find interesting tools & functions more, as long as I have time for trial.