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sakura night 2015 – wip

Date : 2015.01.17
Category : 一次創作
Tags : 音楽 / / 過程

sakura night 2015 tmp img

♪ sakura

[ sakura night 2015 demo | 2:00 | bpm: 140 | trance electronica arrange StudioOne ] (2015)

Good morning from Australia. Midnight to early morning is really comfortable to work because these days it is toooo hot to work properly here.

As the title, I am now working on remaking my fav original tune “sakura night” as “sakura night 2015” – perhaps a kind of trance, something electronica (I have no idea what kind of genre my music belongs to)

in 2009 I released the first, initial version of it. then in 2012 I remaked as a classic trance (maybe like that). now in 2015 – perhaps I should renew it again. I am happy if you feel the improvement of my composition skills so far.

I sometimes have a feeling of a kind of regret – I think in some point past me (and my works) was/were better than that of current. Same thing in this time. Anyway I will do my best as the current myself.

I like the futuristic but nostalgic sound of synth (0:40 – 1:08). it reminds me of the image of future and of some music from old games at the same time.

well here is the past 2 tunes :

♪ sakura

[ sakura night 2012 | 5:16 | bpm: 140 | trance electronica arrange VSTi ] (2012)

♪ sakura

[ sakura night | 3:46 | bpm: 120 | japanese MIDI ] (2009)

…… have you found “sakura night 2013” in 2013 digest?
( ◠‿◠ )☛ { you touched on the taboo thing……

that one is just for the ending part of the cross-fade mix!