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人外クリーチャー / Raptorial Creature

Date : 2012.09.29
Category : 一次創作
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Hello long time no see. I’m alive. well it is time to prepare for flying to Australia. my flight will be the end of October, about 1 month later.

already I had finished the renewal of the main web page, just haven’t decided the open day. mm day after tomorrow?

ok now I’ll write about the new work. I got some themes from Twitter Shindan Maker; クリーチャー系人外にしてやったー. ”high-pride creature with watery, raptorial, pale pink body. has 3 feeleran antennae and chain”


使用したのは主にSAIの「筆」と「水彩筆」。筆には自作失敗テクスチャを入れてあり、擦れた癖の強い描き味に改造。こいつで水の勢いも、羽根のある程度モフモフした感じも出せるかなと。お蔵入りにしていた劣等生、意外と使い道がありました(汗 結構気に入ったので、ちょくちょく活用していこうと思います。



Recently I often join in the personal stickam program by online acquaintances of mine. some has drawn mat-paint illustration, so this time I tried it after a long time. (this work may be different from “mat-paint”, but I mean that I wanted to use digital watercolor brushes)

This time I arranged SAI’s brush; I inserted the original, a failure texture. (the left illustration was drawn with it) I could express the force of water and soft feathers with it. a poor student did great work 🙂 I like this brush so I’ll use it also for another expression.
to be honest, the regret is the background.. I spared many time but I couldn’t express well as I’d expected, I didn’t intend to make it like space. fmm I need more improvement!

well I have about one month left until the start day of Australian school. I have to do things as much as I can do now..