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ファミコン音源曲まとめ II / Chiptunes Digest II

Date : 2013.12.28
Category : 個人企画
Tags : 音楽


2013まとめ動画をご視聴下さった皆さま、大変有難うございます。感想を下さった方もいらっしゃって、感無量でございます。 (大事に保管させて頂いてます)




Good evening!

First of all, I would like to say thank you so much for whom had watched my first & latest video clip 2013 digest! This is the video for the crossfade mix of my 2013 original tunes. If you have not checked yet, please check it out!

Well then, now I’ll list up my latest FM-like music pieces.
(Wow, I have done same thing almost a year ago!)

I found an interesting software which can convert from MIDI to FM-like sound, and I played with it. Original MIDI files can be nice, but some needed adjusting or editing. (cf. Woodblock part should be modified because it applies exact note)

・Chord~シリーズ。 Chord~ series

Chord_09 GXSCC [1:20]
♪ Chord_09
Chord_11 GXSCC [1:40]
♪ Chord_11
Chord_12 GXSCC [1:36]
♪ Chord_12

・その他良い感じの。 Other favorites

黄昏の街 GXSCC [1:26]
♪ 黄昏の街
Peaceful Town GXSCC [3:44]
♪ Peaceful

・2004年~携帯電話で作ったやつ、ほぼそのまま。よりそれっぽい? which were composed in 2004~ with my cell phone. closer real FM music?

avancez GXSCC [0:30]
♪ avancez
夢幻の灯 GXSCC [1:20]
♪ 夢幻の灯
Mission GXSCC [1:00]
♪ Mission

・以前のまとめ以来、Famisynth等で作ったもの composed with Famisynth etc since last time

夢幻の灯 Dance ver. fm [2:40]
♪ 夢幻の灯
tb_series [1:20]
♪ tb_series
Klavitest-arrange fm [0:46]
♪ Klavitest-arrange





I noticed that it has been almost 10 years since when I started to compose music – it was spring of 2004, when I had my own cellphone for the first time!

I saw a phrase saying like “if you have continued something for 10 years, you are the professional of that.” is it true…? Anyway, only I have to do is to advance. I always thank a lot to whom give me kind and cheerful messages.