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[fanart] Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

Date : 2015.06.25
Category : 二次創作
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I am also a coward fan of Zero series (Japanese Horror Game).
Usually I get scared so easily and do not prefer to watch horror things, but these things are too curious… (do you understand such feeling?)

This time I tried to draw the fanart of the series for the first time, from the latest one “Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water” (“ProjectZero: Maiden of Black Water” in Europe. the English ver will be released this autumn), within the sun was there (important!)

The stories of Zero series are based on Japanese old histories, myths, local regions/cultures and so on (They are mysterious and attractive but so scary at the same time and often I hesitate to learn – still there will be many I do not know). I want to overcome my coward personality to know/see/hear more and express wider world… but can I do it? *trembling*