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Date : 2012.11.04
Category : 一次創作
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Good evening.
here I’ll introduce my new work.
You may know this character, he is in the sample illustrations in the article Brush-pen with SAI II. in fact I like him, so this time I chose to draw.





“Often he is just standing in the rain. He doesn’t do especially bad things, just he is being there. And when he received an umbrella, he become so happy and that night make a lot of shooting stars.” It is really tiny story but I like it.

Anyway, I found that there are many visitors who want to see my explanation of SAI brushes. Welcome and thank you for your stopping by, and I am so happy if my articles are useful for them. I’ll continue to make/create brushes/textures more. If you are interested in, do not forget to check here!

Last night I went and joined in the Indian’s Festival. I had great time to dancing in the circle with so kind and friendly South-Asian people (and now I have strange tension in my legs!). The music was played with drums, traditional Indian percussion and singers, and it was mysterious but exciting. I thank to the people who welcomed me and have big fun with me. *photos here