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ラスター素材 / “raster” freebie

Date : 2012.07.31
Category : 一次創作
Tags : 素材 /


Good Evening! Recently it is too hot so I cannot think things well 😛

Well, so today I could not do complex works but only simple work.. creating “raster”.

青: 200% | Blue: 200%
緑: 200% | Green: 200%
黄: 200% | Yellow: 200%
橙: 200% | Orange: 200%
赤: 300% | Red: 300%
黒 (背景): 100% | Black (Back): 100%
青 (背景): 400% | Blue (Back): 400%
(素材の拡大率) (scaling)
ダウンロードは こちら からどうぞ。(512×512, 8BIT Monochrome BMP)

ネオン風イラストも楽しいですね。普段しない色の組み合わせなど (赤&青 etc.)

他テクスチャ素材のダウンロードはこちらのページからどうぞ。特別な事は無いですが、Terms of Use (利用規約) にも目を通していただけると幸いです。Enjoy Drawing!


you can download this material from HERE.
(512×512, the 8bit monochrome bitmap image)

I draw the neon-like illustration for the first time, but it is interesting to
examine the combination of different colors. It must be a big fun to design
and make such illustration with real neon-tube, or..

If you are interested in my other original textures, visit Here! No special rule, but once please read through Terms of Use. Enjoy Drawing!