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[Freebie / フリー素材] ドット絵回路風ブラシ・画像 (Pixelart Circuit Brush & Image)

Date : 2015.12.08
Category : 一次創作
Tags : 素材 / ドット絵

★ DOWNLOAD: ドット絵回路風ブラシ・画像 (Pixelart Circuit Brush & Image)

The circuit-like cyber symbol drawn with Pixel Art method.

Via the link above you can download the brush-shape images – the original one (horizontally seamless, 640 x 100 px) and the double-height ver (and modified a bit, horizontally seamless as well, 640 x 200 px).
(I may create bigger version or completely seamless version if I receive such requests.)

I am happy if they are useful for your pixel art (or other) work.