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ロゴイラスト制作 / Logo Illustration Design

Date : 2013.11.02
Category : 仕事


Hello. at last I finished my first semester in Australia!
It was hard of course, but really great opportunity for me and my future projects.

現在制作中、どんなキャラクタ・システム・ストーリー (+おまけ要素期待) なのか!ほたかも楽しみに待っておりますワクワク。
ゲーム作品はコミックマーケット「3日目西て-18b AshenTown」にて頒布されます。

Today I will introduce my design work – I designed the title logo illustration for the indie game creator Livryl‘s new work “灰の翼の少女 ~Hibernation Storage~”. She is the heroin, main character of this game, called Ilfarsia. I was excited to be chosen for this work… thanks a lot, and good luck for the work!

The competed game will be sold at Comic Market 3rd day (31th Dec.) @ 西て-18b AshenTown.

マスコットキャラクタデザイン / Designed the mascot character

Date : 2012.10.10
Category : 仕事


Good day, long time no see.
At last I’ve finished the renewal of my portfolio website! Now I’ll tackle other things and preparation for flying to Australia.


I have something to report and introduce; this time I designed the mascot character for Hiren Audio Circle.