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オーストラリア生活開始 / Student Life in Australia Starts

Date : 2012.11.01
Category : 一般



Good evening. As I posted on Twitter, now I’m in Australia without any big problem!

However I could reach for my student house thanks to so kind people. I really thank them a lot!!



しかしそのバスの降り場所を間違えたらしく、なんと大学のど真ん中にスーツケースごと佇むアホな日本人に、親切に (しかも一人は日本語で) 道順を教えてくれた学生たち。





First, a Cairns Airport staff woman who talked to and told me that I was at the wrong terminal (I should have been at Domestic Terminal, but I had been at International). If she had not do that, and I fell asleep with the tiredness, I may have miss my plane!

Second, the women travelers who were so kind to me at Cairns Airport. I was so nervous since there was so crowded and I couldn’t catch any announces from speakers. When I told that it is the first time to be in Brisbane, they told me about the town. I could be relieved to talk with someone. Moreover, they took care of me until I took the bus for near my school house (including the train toward the central of Brisbane)! What kind women they are! I cannot find the word to thank them enough.

However I took off at the wrong bus stop.. and I was in the center of the campus with big baggage! Then kind students told me the way without kidding me (One of them spoke Japanese!). so I could reach at last.

And of course, the owners of my student house. They kept the room for me for 2 weeks (in Australia, the room rent is ‘per week’. so this could be a loss)! If they didn’t, I should have search for youth hostel and stay for few or more days there. And yes, thank also to my housemates who welcomed me kindly and friendly!

“A kindness is never lost”. I’ll study hard, and have many experiences to thank to them.

I started to share my photos in Australia on “diceproj@au“. Check there!