ファミコン音源曲まとめ / Chiptunes Digest

Date : 2013.01.12
Category : 一次創作


Klavitest [5:17]
♪ Klavitest
Dropwater Cave [2:23]
♪ Dropwater
CPU_OVER#2 [2:25] (original)
sakura night [3:25] (original)
♪ sakura
Cave [0:42]
♪ Cave
SPACY [1:38]
Irregular Beats 285 [1:00]
♪ Irregular
Chemtest [1:52]
♪ Chemtest


全曲全パート FAMISYNTH-II というフリーVSTiを使用しています。

Good evening. How are you?
Recently I’ve seen so many tweets saying that in Japan it is cold and they have much of snow, especially in the north part. I hope they have no cold or flu (and also illness by norovirus! terrible). As for me.. I’ve been dead because of the incredibly hot weather orz

Well, today I’ll introduce a set of my chiptune works. All of these music pieces / all parts of them are played by a free VSTi called “FAMISYNTH-II” which enables us to play family-computer-like sounds. (Originally composed with ftn Score Editor)

新年のごあいさつ / A Happy New Year!

Date : 2013.01.03
Category : 一次創作

A Happy New Year!
A Happy New Year!



A Happy New Year!
I was so happy to have your encouraging and warm messages.
Thank you so much!

I wish we have fantastic new year.

オーストラリア写真集 II / Photos from Australia II

Date : 2012.12.29
Category : 一般

Photos From Australia – Melbourne Digest


Good evening! I’d been back from small trip to Melbourne and uploaded one piece of my memories on my photo blog. Here is the digest.

I’d walked around the central for 2 days, and I’d been to the coastline with a friend of mine.

2012 digest

Date : 2012.12.16
Category : 個人企画

2012 digest


さて 世間は至って年賀状モードですが、そんなのはお構いなしにまったりしているナマモノ。

来年もまた描き続けたいと思います… 今度は「好きに描く」に加え「伝える」を目標にしたい

Hello! It is incredibly hot here, how are your locations?
And just I had finished the term and now I’m in the summer holiday. I have not to lose my language skill in the vacation..

now most of people may be busy to prepare for Christmas & new year card, but actually it is not my case. well what should I do, well I’ll make “2012 digest of my illustration works”. As you know I have no uniformity in my works, so I cannot join in the pixiv event “2012 evolution”. …fmm, I did such works.. well what will I draw in the next year!

I’d love to have an aim in the next.. draw as i like + “communicate”.

オーストラリア写真集 I / Photos from Australia I

Date : 2012.12.02
Category : 一般

Photos From Australia Digest


Hello, how are you? Today I made the digest ver. of my photo album from Australia. I’ll periodically make this, maybe once a month. I’m glad if you have a bit of interest and have a look of the whole album 🙂