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Shadows on analogue artworks ?

Date : 2015.02.04
Category : 一般

today from a certain opinion on twitter, I remember what i had learnt at ZHdK (Zurich University of the Arts) – defects can be fun.

the opinion was roughly saying that “when we take a picture of our analogue artworks (and upload it on twitter), we must remove/avoid any shadows/obstacles interrupting the artworks in the picture”.

I doubted it. I thought that unexpected shadows are one of the biggest attractive aspects of analogue artworks.(indeed sometimes they are really annoying when I want to edit & modify on photoshop, but still “it is analogue”.)

Then I remembered an experience in Switzerland…
when I had been making a collage handbook, I used too much glue, and the pages had been stuck each other. I was disappointed, but my awesome classmates and teachers saw it and said “that’s interesting”. “that’s beautiful, leave it and go ahead”. I was surprised and could not believe them at that moment. but gradually I have understood that is the way artistic/creative people think.

That’s creative, cheerful and positive of them because they can immediately find out tiny interests and fun in ‘failures/defects’. So clever … I want to be like them.

well, just I have to say thank you a lot to awesome people in Switzerland.

スイス留学写真集完成 / Swiss Photo Galleries Completed!

Date : 2012.10.21
Category : 一般
[wposflv src=https://diceproj.com/schweiz/MVI_4406.flv previewimage=https://diceproj.com/schweiz/MVI_4406.jpg width=400 height=325 title=”Fraumünster, Wasserkirche and Grossmünster”]


Good Afternoon.
Here I’ll report to you that at last I finished to choose and edit so many Swiss photos, and completed galleries!

SCHWEIZ – スイス留学写真集

((Here are some lost photos dropped out from any groups..: (さらに…)

スイスの記憶が / Memories in Switzerland

Date : 2012.04.15
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Hello. fm.. how is the spring of your town.. I cannot feel spring here in hokkaido, I need sakura!!

anyway, today I started with photos taken in Switzerland. I need to submit my portfolio with application form to foreign master course, so (さらに…)